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Start Links/Infoquellen Verschwörungen: 9/11
Verschwörungen: 9/11
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1   Link   Conspiracy Science
In late 2007 I heard about this movie going around the Internet about conspiracies such as Christianity, September 11th, and the Federal Reserve, about how all of these things culminate to control you and put chips in your arms and convert North America into a single country with a single currency called "The Amero"; no I'm not joking, this movie does make such claims. I searched the Internet trying to find a web site that debunked the entire movie, but I could not, and what I did find typically was a Christian web site debunking only Part I. It was astonishing to me how even some of these Christian sites would agree with Parts II and III, but not Part I.
2   Link   Debunk 9/11 Myths
Debunk 9/11 Myths is a clearinghouse for information and resources relating to the 9/11 attacks, along with addressing common myths and theories.
3   Link   Debunking 9/11 Conspiracy theories and Controlled Demolition Myths
"debunking9/ is a very sophisticated, extensive and professionally put together website that clearly has had a lot of expensive expertise poured into it." - Alex Jones' InfoWars



Unter erscheint ein linksradikales online Magazin, das zum Teil gute interessante Berichte zum Teil aber auch ziemlich extreme und sektiererische Positionen vertritt.

Ursprünglich entstand das Magazin aus der linken Opposition innerhalb der WASG. Es handelt sich also um diejenigen Leute, die sich nicht mit der PDS vereinigen wollten, weil ihnen die PDS als zu angepasst erschien.